PMC Global, Inc. is a privately-held management company and resource partner with corporate offices in three states and more than 20 subsidiaries in 10 U.S. states and 17 countries. From its roots in the early stages of the plastics polymer modification industry a half century ago, PMC has branched out through start-ups and strategic acquisitions to dominate select markets in plastics/chemicals, manufacturing, food service, packaging and finance. PMC and its subsidiaries employ more than 3,500 worldwide.


Philip Kamins began his career in the plastics industry in the early 1950’s. In the 1960’s he began to invest in plastics manufacturing facilities. Within a few years, the acquisition of plastics companies multiplied and in 1974 the Plastics Management Corp. was established. Now known as PMC Global, Inc, its primary function is to manage and support investments across a wide range of industries. Mr. Kamins’ outlook for the future includes internal growth and expansion through acquisitions, both domestic and international. Mr. Kamins just welcomed the third generation into the business and is excited to see the business continue to allow family involvement.


“The freedom to succeed, the support to grow” PMC Global’s start-ups and acquisitions encompass a diverse range of industries, markets, customers and cultures and embrace a wide variety of business and management styles. We encourage the sharing and leveraging of ideas, resources and technologies across our entire portfolio. Our decentralized management philosophy allows each subsidiary under the PMC Global umbrella to maintain a strong individual identity with enormous flexibility and the freedom to succeed through local decision making. At the same time, PMC Global stands at the ready to provide each business growth-oriented support in the form of capital investments; administrative, legal and financial guidance, and access to worldwide business and market intelligence.


PMC Global’s North American operations are managed by PMC, Inc. Group. Our European manufacturing operations are managed by PLIC (PMC Leaders in Chemicals) and we maintain a strong presence in Asia via PMC Science-Tech Industries (Nanjing) Co. Ltd.  All three subsidiaries are independently managed by seasoned professionals boasting extensive knowledge of their industries, local cultures and business climates.