Direct Pack


Direct Pack, Inc. is an integrated manufacturer of thermoformed products made from PET, PLA, PP, PVC and PS. We specialize in custom designed packaging for sales to supermarket chains, QSR and food processors for bakery, fresh cut produce, deli and confectionery.

Our in-house design and engineering staff work closely with our customer base to develop innovative packaging designs that give their products an advantage at the retail level. Molds and tooling are produced in our CNC department on site and can be turned in as little as 14 days.

Utilizing the PMC Global, Inc., Nanjing, China platform for our sheet extrusion and thermoforming operations, we are able to offer aggressive delivered pricing to our customer base worldwide. We also utilize PMC’s extensive company owned warehouses throughout the United States to maintain “just in time” inventories for our customers.

Contact Information
1025 W. 8th Street
Azusa, CA 91702
Tel: (626) 380-2360
DPIFax: (626) 969-5555