PLIC Inc. Subsidiaries

PMC Leaders In Chemicals, Inc. (PLIC), a Delaware Corporation, was formed in 1992 to manage our current manufacturing companies, and those yet to be acquired in Europe. PLIC works very closely with PMC, Inc., its sister company in financial, legal, insurance, and environmental matters. PLIC has an office in Sun Valley, California.

  • Applied LNG

    Fueling your business with clean, domestic, sustainable energy. LNG is produced during a process called liquefaction where natural gas ...  Learn More

  • Benechim

    Benechim S.P.R.L is a manufacturer of intermediates and finished products for the pharmaceutical, photographic, food, perfume and ...  Learn More

  • Chemische Fabrik Berg

    Chemische Fabrik Berg GmbH operates a plant in Bitterfeld. The state of the art facility in Bitterfeld was started in 1998. Bitterfeld ...  Learn More

  • Moehs

    Moehs Iberica, S.L. as holding company has the two following production units and is providing them the common services: commercial, ...  Learn More

  • Norchim

    Norchim S.A.S. is a company involved in the production of sophisticated fine chemicals, either intermediates or active ingredients, ...  Learn More

  • Oxiris Chemicals

    Oxiris Chemicals S. A. produces a wide range of non-staining phenolic antioxidants which are marketed under the global brand IONOL. Our ...  Learn More

  • PBSerum®

    PBSerum® is produced by the Laboratories of PROTEOS BIOTECH as a result of years of biotechnological investigation and use of ...  Learn More

  • PMCG Africa Limited

    Import/Export of General Goods
    Trading in General Goods
    General Merchant
    ...  Learn More


    PMC Global RAK FTZ, Inc. is a fast upcoming professionally managed “Trading Company” dealing primarily in Chemicals, Plastics and ...  Learn More

  • Raschig

    Rashig Gmbh, founded in 1891, became part of PLIC in 1996. Headquartered in Ludgwigshafen, Germany, the company has additional ...  Learn More

  • Raschig Latinamerica

    Raschig PMC Latinamerica Ltda is a PMC representative office in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Raschig PMC Latinamerica will soon establish a fully ...  Learn More

  • Raschig-USA, Inc.

    Raschig-USA is a manufacturer of tower packing, trays and column internals used in all types of chemical processes and environmental ...  Learn More

  • Yarra Valley Chocolaterie

    Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery opened its doors on 15 December 2012 and will be open 9am -5pm everyday (except Christmas ...  Learn More