Machinery / Fabricating


  • KOMO Machine

    Komo Machine, Inc. introduced a line of CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) large bed and large travel machining centers for ...  Learn More

  • PMC Science-Tech

    PMC Science-Tech Industries (Nanjing) Co., Ltd founded in year 2003, is a subsidiary of PMC Global. With its headquarters in Sun ...  Learn More

  • Polyurethane Machinery

    Polyurethane Machinery Corp. (PMC), a subsidiary of PMC Global, Inc. which is a recent start-up managed by individuals with over 100 ...  Learn More

  • PSC Industries

    PSC Industries is one of the most experienced non-metallic materials fabricators globally. Our multiple divisions in North America and ...  Learn More

  • Raschig

    Rashig Gmbh, founded in 1891, became part of PLIC in 1996. Headquartered in Ludgwigshafen, Germany, the company has additional ...  Learn More

  • Raschig-USA, Inc.

    Raschig-USA is a manufacturer of tower packing, trays and column internals used in all types of chemical processes and environmental ...  Learn More