Rashig GmbH, founded in 1891, became part of PLIC in 1996. Headquartered in Ludgwigshafen, Germany, the company has additional production sites in Espenhain, Germany; Hoek van Holland; The Netherlands, and subsidiaries in Europe and Asia.

As the inventor of the original random packing for distillation, rectification, absorption and stripping columns, the Rashhig Rings Division now partners with Raschig-USA, Inc. as technology leader for both random and structured column internals.  The Raschig Chemicals Division manufactures 200 different specialty chemicals, and is a recognized leader in sulfopropylated, pyridine, piperidine, quinoline and other derivative chemistries, serving the electroplating, fine chemicals, pharmaceutilcal and plastics industries.  Raschig Plastics Division specializes in thermoplastic melamine polyester, phenolic and other resins for demanding technical end-use in household, electronic, automotive and aerospace applications.

Raschig is certified according to ISO 9001:2000, and has a long tradition of innovation and flexibility to serve our customer’s needs.

Contact Information
Mundenheimer Str. 100
D-67061 Ludwigshafen
raschigFederal Republic of Germany
Tel: 011-49-6-215-6180
Fax: 011-49-6-215-618-300
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