Pozzolana Ghana Limited


Modern pozzolanic cements are a mix of natural or industrial pozzolans and Portland cement. In addition to underwater use, the high alkalinity of pozzolana makes it especially resistant to common forms of corrosion from sulfates. Once fully hardened, the Portland cement-pozzolana blend may be stronger than Portland cement, due to its lower porosity, which also makes it more resistant to water absorption and spalling. Pozzolana has been developed and approved by the Ghana government as a new construction material, perfect for any type of building.

Pozzolana Ghana Limited is the only producer of pozzolana cement in Ghana. Our plant is currently capable of producing 1,200,000 bags of pozzolana annually and we have plans to expand production as demand dictates.

Contact Information

P.O. Box CE12001
PGLTema, Ghana
Tel: +233-27-8288844 Gomoa, main office