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Polyurethane Machinery Corp. (PMC), a subsidiary of PMC Global, Inc., is a recent start-up managed by individuals with over 100 years of combined experience in the urethane industry. Polyurethane Machinery Corp (PMC) manufactures equipment and accessories in the USA for use in the urethane industry.

PMC’s goal is to be a quality organization that does a quality job in every respect. This means that we will be proud of our work and our products for years to come. All of our energies are directed toward satisfying our customers—our mind set dictates that doing it right is the only way. A mindset which will separate PMC from the competition.
Polyurethane Machinery Corp (PMC), Inc. is proud to introduce our new line of high quality, “Designed with the Customer in Mind” spray and pour equipment for polyurethane foam, polyurea, and in-house, OEM pour foam and injection PU molding, all made in the USA. PMC’s new line of spray guns and hydraulic proportioners fill the market’s void for custom high performance foam and coatings dispensing equipment.

Polyurethane Machinery Corp (PMC) is proud to announce the flagship GH-25/40 Hydraulic Proportioners for spray or pour foam and coatings. This machine is positioned to replace the industry-renowned Gusmer/Graco H-20/35. It boasts several performance enhancements and very competitive pricing. Coupled with the all-new Vortex Air Purge Spray Gun and the uniquely designed, in-house-manufactured heated hose, the PMC package is poised to become the new industry standard and the hydraulic machine of choice.

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