Norchim S.A.S. is a company involved in the production of sophisticated fine chemicals, either intermediates or active ingredients, useful in the pharmaceutical field and performs custom manufacturing under GMP conditions.

The two main strengths of Norchim are the Research and Development activity for process scale up and the Pilot activity for the synthesis of new drugs and clinical lots, requested for pharmaceutical trials. Because of the confidential nature of our business, secrecy agreements and work done on an exclusivity basis are key elements to our proven success.

Norchim owns the full equipment and departments (Research and Investigation lab / Research and Development lab / Analytical lab / Kilo lab / Pilot and Manufacturing plant) required to totally assume this work with reliability and flexibility.

Contact Information
norchim33, quai d’Amont
F-60340 Saint-leu d’Esserent, France
Tel: 011-33-34-456-0920
Fax: 011-33-34-456-6675