Moehs Ibverica, S.L., a holding company, provides common services to its two production units. Services include commercial, quality, logistic, administration and safety & environment.

Moehs Catalana, S.L., the first production unit of Moehs Iberica, S.L., has been producing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Custom Synthesis since its establishment in 1962. Moehs is located in Rubi (Barcelona), Spain and produces in compliance with GMP guidelines, is FDA approved since 1984 and obtained GMP export certificate in 1994.

Coprima, acquired in April 2005, is a complimentary plant to Moehs Catalana and is located in Barcelona.

Moehs Cantabria, S.L., since September 2001, is the second operative GMP production unit of Moehs Iberica, S.L. located in Polanco (Santander), Spain.

Our products are supported by D.M.F. submitted to the FDA and Public Health authorities and by Suitability Certificates to the European Pharmacopea monographs.

Contact Information
P.I. Rubi Sud
moehsCesar Martinell i Brunet, 12 A
08191 Rubi (Barcelona), Spain
Tel: 011-34-93-699-6054
Fax: 011-34-93-699-8350